From planning
To completion

Unlocking potential

No two property propositions are the same; each site presents its own problems and opportunities. The diverse requirements of planners, local residents and the target market, each pulling development plans in a different direction, make London property development particularly challenging.

Our skill in satisfying these conflicting demands has been proven on developments to date. The team is careful to concentrate on areas where the ability to focus on the needs of the local market and planning authority provides a commercial advantage.

Successful delivery

Successful implementation of the initial concept requires the flexibility to accommodate not only the demands of the planning process and the requirements of the expected purchaser profile, but also the attention to detail to the processes in between.

The way the whole solution is put together, from material selection to the choice of contractor can influence the viability, marketing and ultimate success of the finished product. To achieve this in a way that maximises financial performance requires patience, the commitment of time and the use of the most appropriate mix of in-house and consultant expertise.

Adding Value

Management of the sales process is very closely controlled. In addition to the specialist skills of local and national agents and marketing consultants, Groveworld maintains its own in-house sales team to run the entire marketing campaign for each development.

Given the individuality of each development we are careful to ensure that the sales for each development is directed appropriately. This is based on three key principles.

Building Partnerships

Groveworld has an extensive and successful track record in relationship building and partnership working. The Company was founded on and prides itself on forging long lasting relationships and working collaboratively with public sector, landowner, funder and existing and new joint venture partners.